Monday, 28 November 2011

What we have is a gift, cherish it!

Talking to my friend, Urbah V., yesterday I couldn’t help thinking how important everything around us is! We were randomly talking about a video (

It got us talking about how much we need to cherish what we have now, in the present. Because, it's not really possible we will have all this in the years to come. Sure we'll have all the stuff like pictures etcetera as a reminder but would we have proof in the years to come about how happy we are with our life? No matter how much we disagree and whine about all the problems, we are happy.

It's this time in our life that we have that craze, we develop ambitions, and we get to prove ourselves. And if god wants that would be the time that we'll have it all. Wouldn’t we be please to know that we have achieved something we always wanted to have?  It just makes you so much more satisfied with your life when you know that you did it. You managed it.

Also, it made me realize how much support I have from people around me. And how much I want to keep it that way.  I want to keep my friends and family as close to me, in ten years time, as they are now. I know time creates distances but it also brings you closer. So just in case I never get a chance again I want to tell you guys I love you. And what a great great great part of my life, you guys are.

And thank you Urbah for sharing the video, I would never have realized this if it weren’t for you



  1. this was so amazing!!
    exactly..this got me thinking as well..that how life is too short and nothing lasts forever.
    All we end up with are memories,which'll probably be the most precious things we have.
    and pleasure! :) xx