Tuesday, 12 July 2016

But that was not the last of it.

There was light,
Laughter… and pain.
And that was
The last of it.
There were no cries
No pain.
Yet the floor was
Red, as though
Painted with
Dismember limbs
And broken seams.
Unattended dreams,
Of you and me.

There was light,
Laughter… and pain
And that was
Not the last of it.
There were cries and
Broken sighs.
The blood seeping
Out, as fast as
The breaths
That were dying out.
There were shrieks,
And yet silence
From you.

-Momina Latif.


  1. That's some really powerful stuff Momina. I've missed your writing.

  2. Ah, the pain of silence, so beautifully expressed! As always, beautiful Momina!

  3. It's difficult to show any feeling through a poem and you have done it well

  4. It has been four years since I started following your blog and here I am wondering what stories you are in now.