Saturday, 14 May 2016

Bone China and Tea Tags.

Dainty teacups make me anxious.

There I said it.

I’d drink tea out of enormous mugs,

And Styrofoam cups,

With tea tags dangling

Like tiny ornaments.

But tea cups.

Ah, no.

They don’t help much.

There’s always the possibility

Of the precious china shattering,

The unamendable beauty

Of these fragile handled bowls.

And all that clatter.

Oh! That clatter.

So much like a tiny heart.

So much amiss.

Clattering and dainty,

Fragile yet loud.

And to be handled with care...



  1. Those tiny tea cups really do make me nervous. They just seem so weak and fragile.

  2. This is very well written.. :) Keep writing!

  3. So beautiful and really deep. " Fragile and loud
    To be handled with care"