Sunday, 16 November 2014

When The Factitious Light Around You Dies Down, You Notice The One Overhead.

Today my solace, my plethora of liberating writings turns three. Thank you, all for the infinite love and appreciation that has followed this little place all through. Here's a little piece that I wrote months back, a little memory to share with you all.

I've started spending the better part of my late evening sitting outside, on a red canvas chair; star gazing. We have been having some random power shortages around this particular time. I've found that it's a good time to unfold my chair under the sky. Without the street lights and other power sources it gets dark enough to see all the little stars blinking in all their glory. Well, perhaps not all of their glory but you get a fair idea of the extent of their beauty.

Its clearer on the days it rains, with an added bonus of the wondrous smell of rain spreading all about you. They flicker like a hundred thousand lights on a vast velvety black canvas. You cannot imagine the extent of magic you feel in that moment with the dark enveloping you and stars watching over. when the atmosphere is slightly cold from the rain,there is no artificial light to impale the glory and the world is suspended in darkness and all you see is infinite stars twinkling. Its a mesmerizing and magnificent vision. And there so much to look at. You know? You look at one part of the sky and then to another and then you look back to the first one and its like a thousand or so more have suddenly popped up! I've never seen anything so beautiful and I cannot stop praising God for this. And to think that this is just an ordinary phenomenon when you compare it to the limitless natural miracles. Like a friend once said,

"Times like these I think to myself how beautiful must the creator be if His creation is so pretty."

And then there are days when the sky is not as clear as you'd like it to be, when you search for the stars among the clouds and din of the nearby lights. You glimpse them up there, faded, not as close or clear as you'd like them to be, but there nonetheless.