Monday, 25 February 2013

Crazy Ramblings #9

When I step out of the house, my first instinct is to look up at the sky, to search for the clouds or feel the rain on my face. Today when I stepped out around four I looked up even before the porch ceiling was out of the way and when I noticed the sky, I sighed. It was beautiful; dotted with random white fluffy clouds overlapped by grey ones that made them look like they had blurry edges that transfused into the sky. It was beautiful, there's no other words for it. I am entranced by clouds, I guess it's pretty obvious considering I write a lot about them. Sigh. The blurry edges presented a different story to me, altogether. Like the stage beyond exhaustion, when tiring becomes funny; when the line between reality and imagination blur, when they merge. Those moments when you can believe what you see, even though whatever you see is probably half your imagination. The moments when everything makes sense, yet the next moment it's all senseless. That absurd, silly state. The wonderful reality of the moment.


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Over and Over, again

Wrapped in the veil of unwanted sympathy,
Wallowing in wisps of heartfelt misery.
Ribbons of reasons fading away,
Streaks of options turning grey.
Sneaking in and out for clues,
Dipping in disappointment, afresh
Acclaiming expectation that gnaw on insides.
Beaten down by confronting tries.


Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Magic We Make.

Picture source: Waliya Najib Photography

I like cliff-hangers. They leave so much more to be desired, to be imagined... to be created. It gives you a sense of reality and creativity in a mix, an unpredictable outcome. It's the perfect blend. But every now and then (mostly now) expectations have disappointments to follow and so the perfect blend forms in our minds but it does not happens. And of course not, didn't we all learn eventually in life that there was no such thing as magic and it was all tricks. So life plays a trick, it all just ends right there in our heads, and as we face time and life, in the back of our mind, the out come to that cliff-hanger keeps altering, forming and deforming. But it's not pointless. Magic might just be an illusion but the real play, the trick, it can result in lots of good; it can lead us to faith even if for only a while, it enchants us and puts a smile on several faces and for a moment, a tiny moment we imagine ourselves standing right there up on the stage awestrucking people with the magic we make.


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hide n' Seek

At times we are the ones that seclude ourselves, wanting to submerge in the background, to the resultant hum of everything from the past. It feels so safe, so reassuring to have those hours to ourselves. When we shut off our phones, break contact with the world, all in search of a little peace. And when at last we emerge, there are endless questions about how and where we’ve been, the chatter about everything we’ve missed. We feign sadness then but in our heart, we sigh a grateful sigh. These are the games we play with people, of occasional hide and seek from life.

And then there are these very games that are played by life on us. When in the most focused times of our lives we are forgotten by people. We fall in the blurry background, among other things, wanting to be noticed but failing. When we are expelled from life, and nobody takes notice, when life’s just a slow walk, and you crave for a little interaction. Those are the times that leave you wondering that do you really do a lot more than you should?

When life throws you back in the cycle of life, there are no questions, no nothing. You were not missed, but you were gone.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Golden Confetti

The notebook crackled as she opened it, the paper was so flimsy as if it would tater at the slightest touch, the pages adorned with doodles and quotes. She carefully turned each page, as gentle as possible. She read through the quotes the rough drafts and the scribbles, took her time reading each word of those long stories and short passages. She felt the imprints the pen had left through her finger tips and leaved through the folded papers that were cut outs and written by a type writer. She loved each word, and felt the pain, the joy, the pleasure that went through the pages. A magic land rose from those delicate paper and enveloped her inside each word. The frayed ribbon book mark led her to browned pages. Pressed among the folds was a picture, the colors of which were so bright compared to the notebook, yet it held a dullness that cased in the charm.

She touched the photo and began to read;

'Golden confetti fell through the sky, as hand in hand they ran the familiar stone paths, two sets of feet padding through the center of the town, while the rest slept, fullfilling their well earned sleep. The abandoned bicycles lay somewhere near the park, the gathered flowers fallen on the gritty road. Others slept, while they ran, they ran though joy and they ran with love as the golden confetti fell through the sky.'

One of the many that got to her, she couldn't help be lost in those words and couldn't help the imagery go, she was stuck on it and stared at it for ages, until finally she turned another page and further.


*Note: The whole passage is self-written and based on the single picture above. 

Sunday, 10 February 2013


I am very very excited! Yes! It's always been the tiny happenings in life that make me really happy. And I am ever so grateful to both, The Purple Assassin and A Dreamy Girl for lavishing the 'Liebester Award' on me. Honestly, thank you very very much. It means a lot to me, that my writing is worth awards. I am truly flattered!
Thank you, Purple Assassin :D xx
Thank you, Dreamy Girl! :D xx

The rules:
-State 10 random facts about yourself.
-Answer the questions given to you by the blogger who has tagged you for the award.
-Tag more people.
-Give them 11 questions to answer.

I cannnot honestly not think of even eleven facts about myself, let alone 11 for each of you, so here's all I could manage:

-I am 5'8. \m/
-I have a massive sweet tooth.
-I love my baby sister like crazy.
-I am shy with strangers but - "a goofball with friends", as narrated by my friend.
-I desperately want to own a type-writer.
-I write down my favorite lines from each novel I read.
-I really wanted to be a fashion designer, I drew dresses at the back of all my notebooks.
-I am a good listener but a bad speaker, so even if I understand I tend to keep it to myself.

Yep thats about it!
So next up, here are the answers to The Purple Assassin's questions.

1. What is your real name? Why did you choose your current blogger name?
My real name is Momina.

2. Which color do you like the most?
My favorite color is blue, royal blue but I am also crazy about yellow. The nice bright yellow.

3. What is the one thing you found hard to confess about yourself? The one you didn't even mention in you prior confessions?
I am very personal, I do not open up to people easily, hence every little confession or fact about me is hard to express.

4. Do you let the child within you come out often?
Very often but only in the company of family and friends. I am completely loco.

5. Do you really read people's post before commenting?
Each and every word!

6.Do you confess about crushes or do you like to hide it away?
I don't confess about crushes.

7.Chocolate or no chocolates?
Chocolates all the way. Massive sweet tooth.

8.Have you been to India? Is it one place you might be interested to visit? 
I've never been, but I'd love too. There's the similar cultural heritage and so much other stuff that I would love to explore.

9.Do you believe in God?
Very firmly, yes.

10. Do you think of dying often or maybe about killing yourself?
I think of people's reaction when I'd die and I think of how I might die but never suicidally.

11. Will you be my friend?
Of course, I'd love too.

Here are my answers to A Dreamy Gal's questions:

1.What makes you write?
Words for me are everything, but not spoken, written. Hence, I write.

2. The best feeling is knowing that you actually mean something for someone - Who is that person in your life? 
Definetly my sisters, but also a couple of my friends.

3. Meaning of your name? (In case you blog under a pen name, why that name?)
One who has faith.

4. One thing you want to change in life? (It can be people, situation, feeling or even me! :P)
I honestly wouldn't want to change anything, each and everything has lead to where I am, so yeah no changing.

5. 'Life gives you a million reasons to die, but one is enough to keep you alive' - What is your that 'one' reason? (If you have many, pen down all)
Family and friends. My baby sister, if you ask for one.

6. A bloggy/bloggies you would like to thank/appreciate/comments that made difference in your life? (I mean in blogging life. Don't include me, if am I am the one. That's height of bragging I know! :P)
I am grateful to each and everyone of you people, who read my blog. It doesn't matter how many times you've read it, but the feeling you get when you read someones's comment on a post is overwhelming. You people always put a smile on my face, and it's so nice to know that there are so many people out there who can relate to you, and who even without knowing you, appreciate you. You people are beautiful. Thank you.

7. One fear you live with?
Losing my sight, not being able to see those I love and not being able to write and read.

8. A dream which you didn't hope will come true, but did
I don't know, I don't have these big dreams that I want to fulfill. I just go with the flow of life, I don't like to complain or raise my expectations for something that might not happen.

9. Do you prefer to be straightforward, or shy away, or keep mum when it comes to saying some things? (You got the question I hope) 
I am not straightforward, I tend to shy away but I deliver my point in what I think is the right way, gradually.

10. Can you share your best blog post? (That which is closest to your heart, and not as per 'popularity')
My best post would probably be Fire & Ice, because I've felt it, and I've strung the reality, not fiction.

I'd like to tag 
-Enigmatic soul
-Furree Katt

Questions for you! 

1- Who is the last person you usually think about before going to sleep?
2- Something you do alone, but wouldn't do in front of others.
3- Do you have any strange phobias?
4- One Favorite Novel that you'd like to recommend people to read and why.
5- Do you take the shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? :P
6- Do you use Post-Its?
7-If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
8-What inspires you?
9- Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
10-  Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
11- Have you ever danced without music?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sun-drenched In Winter Rain

I am sitting outside in the severe cold, in the shade of the porch while the rain beats down heavily around me. The winter rain has left everything looking gloomy and the sky is a dirty blue. The sound of the rain varies as it falls; sometimes falling in lights drizzles and the next minute it's pelting down heavy with utmost noise and clamour. The cup of tea besides me_only been consumed half_ has gone cold and the music ringing through my ear-phones faintly is lost somewhere among the sound of the rain. The only sound is that of rain, distinct and clear, and the occasional thunder when the clouds strike. Like the sound and velocity of the rain, the scene varies; switching between  bleakness and streaks of sunlight. The cool breeze wafts the rain towards me and it dampens my feet and my face as I lean towards it. The rain diverts its direction and the naked wind strikes my face, stinging. I don't move.

My face is numb and I can't feel my body. Thoughts run through my head, unstoppable but my mind's too occupied by the rain; they run like the background noise, trying to lure me towards them but I pay them no heed. They still flip constantly, though, one after the other and never skipping a beat.

My eyes are closed, my mind numb; the sound and smell of rain over-taking me. It's utter chaos yet there's a calmness that can never escape. It's the war of peace. I hug myself, trying fruitlessly to protect myself agaist the wind whipping around me, I could easily walk five steps, go inside, make a fresh cup of tea and sit besides the heater. But I don't... I won't. Realisation strikes when it rains, and getting me inside while it beats down is impossible. I pluck out my ear phone, stuffing them in my pocket. I suppose nothing can chill me further now and with that thought I step out in the open, out in the rain. I look down at the water flooding and clashing around my feet and then upwards as the sun breaks through the clouds, strokes of it coloring everything around. The rain descends still, not bothered by any hinderence and so I stand as rain drenches me. I stand there, paused till the last drop hits my face.


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Crazy Ramblings #8

I rarely like the fizz. It makes me feel weird and it tickles. I like my drinks flat. I mean, it’s pretty senseless since they are called carbonated drinks for a reason and normal people like to drink them when they are fizzy. Normal people; who are they really? Is it being distinct in our own way? Because, no matter what we all are unique in our own sense.
I don’t think there is a normal. It’s an exotic jungle out there, with every distinct specie possible and they are all last in their own way. An exotic jungle of endangered species is what it is. There’s no normal, no average. Never is, was or will be. You are special, but so is every other person. You can’t judge that because you have no right to. There is no limit to how different you are no degree to your specialty. But, you are the one, the only and the last you. There won’t be any like you to follow. You are special.
You can be the one for fizz or the one for flat, or you might like them mixed up, there are endless possibilities but you are something extraordinary. You are special.