Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Last Note A Distant Hum Of Tinkling Bells...

She blows delicately through perfectedly pouted lips; a gentle blow that causes the shiny liquid layer to swell into a ball and blow off with the light breeze, only to pop seconds later. The air is thick and dry, the atmosphere near barren and devoid of much color. In the midst of it float the few bubbles that waft their way here and there before they snap into tiny unseen droplets of soap. she watches them hover in the air; illuminating tiny rainbows within the delicate little see through spheres, and sighs.

She stands with her back pressed against the back of a red car, a cup of soap mix in her hand, the other clutching a ball point pen lacking its ink fill. Next to her, sitting on the boot of the car is a little kid, like her, clutching half a bottle of slick soapy water and bubble making stick.

They keep there postures intact, not moving besides their heaving shoulders and their cheeks inflating and deflating like balloons as they blow. The midday sun grows fainter over their heads, dropping lower with time while they blow their respective bubbles, watching them flutter in the light breeze. Delightfully, they watch them dance in the wind, enjoying their lives before they are popped away.

At times the little kid shrieks with delight as he streches out to burst a big bubble even before it escapes the edge of her pen, his laugh echoing in the still air, the last note a distant hum of tinkling bells. Sometimes the bubbles shatter as they were blown in. It would burst in their face, smarting their eyes slightly; like a joke with a bad pun.

Just as the sun is on the verge of dipping down and kissing the horizon she turns, tilting the remaining liquid in her glass into the kid's bottle. As she leaves he looks startled, sad and slightly happy at the prospect of more soapy water. Sitting in her car she looks at the anonymous kid sitting in his car porch on his car in the empty neighbourhood who lended her his bubble mix. He continues to blow gently, making bubbles that light up the empty surroundings in the still July air.

She smiles at his innocent form and drives away with slippery soapy hands for a another date with the future.


Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Peek into Her Soul

Everyone with whom you share an eye contact becomes an untold story in your head. That day she bacame an unseen story in the heads of so many individuals. An untold story that buzzed with such intensity despite the little place it took in the folds of their minds.

She fled meaninglessly through the empty roads leaving a havoc in her wake. She never got a chance to read into the stories that glimpsed her that day. No, she was far beyond that point; her eyes a soulless abyss that saw through everything without actually looking at anything before them. The despair in her face and the emptiness in her eyes caused many to look back at her once or twice, but she never noticed.

She was not there; wrapped in her own misery she walked through the roads leaving an eerie feeling to those who caught sight of her, stared and watched her go only to be left with an agitation for having glimpsed the darkness dividing her soul.


Friday, 17 January 2014

Eternal Insanity

I call for death in a desperate attempt to escape this suffering, this eternal insanity. Bewildered, I watch as it stands there, mocking me. It watches me innocently as I lie there frozen in pain of my thawing bones. It smiles knowingly. Its at ease as it watches me suffer, for it knows that I'll soon be enveloped in it's embrace. Hence, it lets me hang on to the shreds of life, overlooking my pleading eyes, my desirous cries.

The light of life dims before my blurry eyes like the flash slowly receding into darkness. In the last bits of the abating light I see death smile in my face. I smile back.


Sunday, 5 January 2014

This may or maynot be a poem.

Lets have conversation about word and how terribly beautiful they are.
We'll have mellow music in the background while we refer to the thak thak of a typewriter;
Comparing it with the thik thik of a laptop's keys, silence of a phone's keypad
And the scratch of a pencil over a note.

Lets have a conversation about how words leap.
About how instead of painting pictures, we write in our own heads, what we see.
Lets speak about how they swerve eagerly, transforming mere thoughts
Into memories, into history.

Lets have a conversation about words and how they jump,
At the emotion unstability of our surroundings. About how they make us feel what a stranger feels,
Cry at fictional sorrows and embrace the happiness of those who reside between,
The pages of a novel.

Let's have a conversation about words, lets aimlessly wander with them.
Let's stop making sense.
Lets leave this epiphany to continue to it's own end.