Sunday, 26 January 2014

A Peek into Her Soul

Everyone with whom you share an eye contact becomes an untold story in your head. That day she bacame an unseen story in the heads of so many individuals. An untold story that buzzed with such intensity despite the little place it took in the folds of their minds.

She fled meaninglessly through the empty roads leaving a havoc in her wake. She never got a chance to read into the stories that glimpsed her that day. No, she was far beyond that point; her eyes a soulless abyss that saw through everything without actually looking at anything before them. The despair in her face and the emptiness in her eyes caused many to look back at her once or twice, but she never noticed.

She was not there; wrapped in her own misery she walked through the roads leaving an eerie feeling to those who caught sight of her, stared and watched her go only to be left with an agitation for having glimpsed the darkness dividing her soul.



  1. I wonder what the reason for darkness could be ...

  2. I hope she escaped her misery. Else it wouldn't have been worth it.

  3. Was she walking towards darkness or was she leaving trails of darkness behind?

    A brief meeting with 'her' leaves the heart more inquisitive, to know and to see her more ..