Wednesday, 28 March 2012

what lies behind the lie.

 I am an unknown, a nobody. My name doesn’t make me who I am; it just distinguishes me from the rest, for the rest.  I wear a disguise; you may never realize what endless secrets I hide. What you get to see is just a part of me, but there is more to it, an endless expanse of emotions, feelings … reasons.  It's the element hidden from the naked eye, the thoughtless minds.  The few who surpass these boundaries and catch a glimpse of the true me are mostly just a few special ones I open up to. There may not be a reason to hide, no reason to wear a camouflage but a true self really survive. I live a lie, still managing to subsist. I won't fail because behind this aimless ramble there are infinite truths. The sheen maybe deception but the truth is what remains behind; that which lies behind the lie! Dare you step into that wild?


Friday, 23 March 2012

A smile to make your day!

                                                                        ^the smile that makes me smile everyday! 

Sometimes at night,
With tearful eyes that speak of hurt,
That life has bestowed.
With no consolation for all the wounds
A single smile from a stranger helps.
A comfort that you can never interpret,
A signal to be cheerful again


Wednesday, 21 March 2012


‘So that’s the girl who called me by the endearing word on thy phone’, he said to his friend.
‘Fret ye not boy, it’s kinda like her pet word so she says ‘darling’ to everyone. Don’t get over excited.’
‘Oh…’ you could tell that he was a little disappointed.
He walked over to where she stood looking nothing like the feminist she really was; she wore the same coveralls as them, faded and old. Of course he wasn’t expecting to see ball dresses but he wasn’t expecting the similar attire too. Hair tightly bound in a bun and feet clad in ugly boots. 
‘Here you are! I got to run, but Miss Johnson this is Mister Neeson. Mister Neeson, miss Johnson‘, a lift of his cap and colonel Dave was on his way.
‘Afternoon! We talked on the phone today.’ Up close he could smell a hint of flowery cologne.
‘I bet we did but I am afraid I don’t remember much. I’d prefer if phones came with videos. You get a fair idea of what to look forward to.’ She smiled a measured smile.
‘Indeed but in that case you’d probably get a few too many prank calls, I am afraid. But you do look quite into the future.’ He could almost smile to himself, almost.
‘Yes thank you!’ she looked away.
‘I have never seen women here before…aren’t you afraid? There are not many women in this kind of field, and frankly speaking I believe it’s a man’s work’s place.’
‘don’t you know that women are now doing as good as men’ she said the word ‘men’ as if she didn’t really like it ‘in fact, they are going much faster, I belief.’
‘I am familiar with that, but not in this field, it’s much too dangerous and women are far too…’ he swept a glance over her slim frame ‘…delicate.’
Irritated she brought her face close to his, ‘Not me Mr. Nelson’ she said irately and started to walk off.
‘It’s Neeson! Well I hope you know how to handle a gun then, Johnson.’ he called on.
‘Don’t worry Neeson I do, very well.’ She yelled back as she covered up her eyes with shades ‘and much better than most of your men’ with that she stepped out into the sun and away.
‘Good for you Johnson’ he whispered to himself looking at the retreating figure with a twinkle in his eyes.


Sunday, 18 March 2012


Mind if I tell you something?
Mind if I spill it all,
I do have shoulders to cry on,
I do have friends to call.
But I rather not answer their questions.
The piercing reality of all,
Secrets left hidden,
Are sometimes best untold.


Monday, 12 March 2012

Pondering over the incredible.

This world amazes and it continues to after seventeen years, and I have a feeling it will keep on doing it. It's like playing a mystery game. I never gave it much thought before but it's really… incredible. It holds so so many people within with so many different opinions and yet still they live here, together. Whereas, even when one fights with two sides of himself he eventually looses to one, people with big hearts and little knowledge, people with big wallets and shallow hearts, people on their own, people who live for others, people so unlike one another. Incredible! Apart from the people there is much to contemplate about. Like, the world is round so there might be people living right beneath us, after we cross all those rocks and magma and what not, but they will be there but, we never know we might be the ones hanging down without knowing! Imagine what will happen if suddenly gravity is switched off! We wouldn’t just be floating around in our house, we'd soon be floating up up and away, away from our protected atmosphere right into the sharp claws of vacuum, space! And we wouldn’t be having all that equipment and glass (or are they plastic?) helmets like astronauts! Point to ponder, right? And what about all those huge glaciers, oceans, volcanoes and every other enormous and amazing things created by god, that’s becoming right up after us, in space? Ever wondered that how many incredible galaxies are around us? Holding as many creatures as us who might be exploring this universe just like humans are? Ever considered how the very things we rely on will cause our defeat?  Imagine how much more threatening our creations are to us than a mere human who is just like us! The world is great, majestic, magnificent and enigmatic! There's a lot more to it then we realize and every time it will open a new surprise to us. Incredible, isn’t it?


Tuesday, 6 March 2012


The winds get crisper,
The roads get longer
The dark is unbearable
The fear is intolerable        
And death, inescapable
Then you pray for benevolence???
'wah ray musalmaan!'