Wednesday, 21 March 2012


‘So that’s the girl who called me by the endearing word on thy phone’, he said to his friend.
‘Fret ye not boy, it’s kinda like her pet word so she says ‘darling’ to everyone. Don’t get over excited.’
‘Oh…’ you could tell that he was a little disappointed.
He walked over to where she stood looking nothing like the feminist she really was; she wore the same coveralls as them, faded and old. Of course he wasn’t expecting to see ball dresses but he wasn’t expecting the similar attire too. Hair tightly bound in a bun and feet clad in ugly boots. 
‘Here you are! I got to run, but Miss Johnson this is Mister Neeson. Mister Neeson, miss Johnson‘, a lift of his cap and colonel Dave was on his way.
‘Afternoon! We talked on the phone today.’ Up close he could smell a hint of flowery cologne.
‘I bet we did but I am afraid I don’t remember much. I’d prefer if phones came with videos. You get a fair idea of what to look forward to.’ She smiled a measured smile.
‘Indeed but in that case you’d probably get a few too many prank calls, I am afraid. But you do look quite into the future.’ He could almost smile to himself, almost.
‘Yes thank you!’ she looked away.
‘I have never seen women here before…aren’t you afraid? There are not many women in this kind of field, and frankly speaking I believe it’s a man’s work’s place.’
‘don’t you know that women are now doing as good as men’ she said the word ‘men’ as if she didn’t really like it ‘in fact, they are going much faster, I belief.’
‘I am familiar with that, but not in this field, it’s much too dangerous and women are far too…’ he swept a glance over her slim frame ‘…delicate.’
Irritated she brought her face close to his, ‘Not me Mr. Nelson’ she said irately and started to walk off.
‘It’s Neeson! Well I hope you know how to handle a gun then, Johnson.’ he called on.
‘Don’t worry Neeson I do, very well.’ She yelled back as she covered up her eyes with shades ‘and much better than most of your men’ with that she stepped out into the sun and away.
‘Good for you Johnson’ he whispered to himself looking at the retreating figure with a twinkle in his eyes.


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