Wednesday, 28 March 2012

what lies behind the lie.

 I am an unknown, a nobody. My name doesn’t make me who I am; it just distinguishes me from the rest, for the rest.  I wear a disguise; you may never realize what endless secrets I hide. What you get to see is just a part of me, but there is more to it, an endless expanse of emotions, feelings … reasons.  It's the element hidden from the naked eye, the thoughtless minds.  The few who surpass these boundaries and catch a glimpse of the true me are mostly just a few special ones I open up to. There may not be a reason to hide, no reason to wear a camouflage but a true self really survive. I live a lie, still managing to subsist. I won't fail because behind this aimless ramble there are infinite truths. The sheen maybe deception but the truth is what remains behind; that which lies behind the lie! Dare you step into that wild?


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