Monday, 27 August 2012


She sat alone on the lone bench; a silver head facing the outstretched yet empty gardens, behind her stood the old building where a dozen more like her sat. She could hear the endless whispers in her ears, calling out to her, even when no when was around.She was alone still. All her life she craved for solidarity and silence and now, when her wish was attained, she only shuddered in pain and longing, at all times.  Truly alone and trapped in isolation of her own body; unable to utter a word or hear anything apart from old murmurs. She saw their lips move, she saw them laugh and then she'd cry to herself, in her own solitary mind. Abandoned. Deserted. Shut away from all those around with a constant reminder that it was her own much desired wish, she sat alone on the single bench, facing the empty gardens, isolated in a world of gazillions, forgotten like a thousand day dreams…

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Looming Question Marks.

What if we were never borne? What if we had died ages past?
What if there was no tomorrow? Yesterday was history and we had regrets and qualms?
What would happen if we lost everyone? If there were no strangers but wars predicted?
What if we never got a chance and everything was as easy as we desired?
Would there still be faith to hold on? Would we still have questions to ask?
When would we realize then? When would we try then?
Will we still think like we do, now? Will we still use our minds then?
If world was as easy as we want it to be, wouldn’t we just be blind arrogant fools then?


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Crazy Ramblings #5

It's better to stop expecting anything from others and to keep up to only your expectations and only for yourself. Why? Because sometime, somewhere everyone is going to disappoint you and to save yourself thedisappointment of being disappointed you need to stop keeping expectations. Save yourself some misery, because you would be disappointing people too. So, it's just better to set your own goals, reach them, have a personal celebration and be happy. The point is being happy. And you'll only be happy when nobody is hurting you and you are hurting nobody. I am not sure why I am writing this, but I think we all need to be happy. It's important. I am crazy.

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Eighteen is a difficult age.You honestly seem to be standing in the middle of nowhere. Abandoned and alone. Sure there are the loved ones around you but honestly you are alone. Not to mention all those thoughts cooking up in your head.
Papers. Admissions. Universities' due dates. Entry tests. Merits. Result.  
The haphazardness and nausea of it all. The 'what will become of me?'s and 'what should I do?'s.
It's like being in an endless circle of sleepless nights, fear and prayers. 
And to top it all of, you are an adult. The trap. 

Anyways, here is a poem, (was that kind of abrupt?) 

Like smiling sunshine and rusted frames,
With memories clogged and grayed
Of those mystical times and hours splayed
Mesmerizing and captivating in ages today.
Of eyes that glazed on every good bye,
Of the thrilling adventures filled with ecstatic smiles.
Like golden dust splattered on a sad sky
Like blissful breeze when lone and tired.
The little clouds of dust that fly 
When heavenly drops fall from the sky
When we all laughed not caring of tomorrow
Then was the time when there were truly no sorrows.


Thursday, 2 August 2012

A first.

I realized that I got tagged for my first blog award, and I was supposed to do the post. So doing thing this now.
Thank you Ph_ for this award! It's my first and it made me incredibly happy and I am very gracious that you thought my writing was worth it.

So here's the deal, you get tagged you do a whole post.

  1. If you get tagged you post eleven facts about yourself.
  2. You answer the eleven questions given to you by the person who tagged you.
  3. Further tag eleven bloggers (with less than 200 followers).
  4. Give them eleven questions to answer.
  5. No tagging back.


- I love my sister, Hadia, she is my life. Literally.  
- I love my family and friends and am very protective about them.
- I have an obsession with watching clouds.
- I LOVE rain. I love standing and splashing in the rain like an idiot.
- I am a very shy and silent person and do no speak unless I am spoken too.
- I am extremely possessive about everything that I own.
- I am weird about love. The fact that I write love stories does NOT makes me lovey-dovey. I am not.
- I believe my words are the only thing that make me.
- I love pasta and biryani. Yum.
- My favorite color is blue but I obsess a lot over yellow. weird.
- When I have to tell people about myself I forget who I am. 


-What is the place you desire the most to visit?
A whole world tour would be nice.

-What is your season weather and why?
Monsoon!!! For obvious reasons. And Spring for it's freshness, Autumn for it's colors and Winters for the peaceful air. 

-What will you prefer: A lie to save someone being hurt or honesty for best advice and opinion.
Honesty of course because lies seem fine only initially and later often gives you a feel of betrayal.

- How do you like to spend you Sundays?
They pretty much turn out the same as other days.but they are lazy days.

- What is your priority? Partying with acquaintances or spending time with real friends?
Real friends, they go all the way.

- What is life in your views?
Life is a war between time, desires and needs. It's a mixture or everything tossed together. It's an endless walk to inner peace. (which, by the way, a person rarely attains)

- One song lyric you like the most?
 "even angels have their wicked schemes..." - Skylar Grey (Love the way you lie)
Also shared by an extremely close (and shodi) friend.

- 90's music or whatever they create right now?
Depends on the mood, there is music for every mood.

- What is your biggest regret?
I don't think i have any regrets, if I never did any one thing I did I probably wouldn't be here.

- How do you celebrate your happiness?
I tell my family and close friends, get appreciative hugs, and smile and talk about it for a few days.

- Three things you cannot imagine living a day without?
  1. My sister Hadia.
  2. A mode of  communication with my parents, sisters and closest friends.
  3. Something to pen my thoughts on.


  • Favorite quote, and why?
  • One thing about you that people wouldn't assume by looking at you?
  • Would you rather forgive something said about you or verbally lash the person who said it?
  • Something about you that makes you really proud.
  • A single favorite book you wouldn't mind reading twice or thrice. Why?
  • One person whose (God forbid) death would change you? Why? 
  • What's that which you desire the most from life?
  • Your favorite word. Yes, word.
  • Beauty comes from ______ ?
  • Five thing that life is about.
  • Words for you are?