Monday, 12 March 2012

Pondering over the incredible.

This world amazes and it continues to after seventeen years, and I have a feeling it will keep on doing it. It's like playing a mystery game. I never gave it much thought before but it's really… incredible. It holds so so many people within with so many different opinions and yet still they live here, together. Whereas, even when one fights with two sides of himself he eventually looses to one, people with big hearts and little knowledge, people with big wallets and shallow hearts, people on their own, people who live for others, people so unlike one another. Incredible! Apart from the people there is much to contemplate about. Like, the world is round so there might be people living right beneath us, after we cross all those rocks and magma and what not, but they will be there but, we never know we might be the ones hanging down without knowing! Imagine what will happen if suddenly gravity is switched off! We wouldn’t just be floating around in our house, we'd soon be floating up up and away, away from our protected atmosphere right into the sharp claws of vacuum, space! And we wouldn’t be having all that equipment and glass (or are they plastic?) helmets like astronauts! Point to ponder, right? And what about all those huge glaciers, oceans, volcanoes and every other enormous and amazing things created by god, that’s becoming right up after us, in space? Ever wondered that how many incredible galaxies are around us? Holding as many creatures as us who might be exploring this universe just like humans are? Ever considered how the very things we rely on will cause our defeat?  Imagine how much more threatening our creations are to us than a mere human who is just like us! The world is great, majestic, magnificent and enigmatic! There's a lot more to it then we realize and every time it will open a new surprise to us. Incredible, isn’t it?



  1. you gave me so so much to think about. kinda creeps me out.

    1. just the truth around us! we just have to realize it.