Sunday, 5 January 2014

This may or maynot be a poem.

Lets have conversation about word and how terribly beautiful they are.
We'll have mellow music in the background while we refer to the thak thak of a typewriter;
Comparing it with the thik thik of a laptop's keys, silence of a phone's keypad
And the scratch of a pencil over a note.

Lets have a conversation about how words leap.
About how instead of painting pictures, we write in our own heads, what we see.
Lets speak about how they swerve eagerly, transforming mere thoughts
Into memories, into history.

Lets have a conversation about words and how they jump,
At the emotion unstability of our surroundings. About how they make us feel what a stranger feels,
Cry at fictional sorrows and embrace the happiness of those who reside between,
The pages of a novel.

Let's have a conversation about words, lets aimlessly wander with them.
Let's stop making sense.
Lets leave this epiphany to continue to it's own end.



  1. What's sweet is how you make something so simple sound so delicately beautiful. :)

  2. If there's one thing I've learned about poems it's that pretty much anything can be a poem. It was good whatever it was. Quite a nice description of words and writing and what they are and can do.

  3. It's strange but I always end up liking everything you write. Your words are always beautiful!

  4. People like us love to live in words ... sheer bliss, making a new world out of scratch, and then living it :-)

  5. It is a poem.A lovely one at that.

  6. Beautifully put together Momina.