Friday, 25 November 2011


Never thought they'd come looking for me. How could they? How would they? But still they might. So I hushed past the rooms quietly until I came to the dark corridor where I crouched in the deepest and darkest corner. i was pretty sure they won't notice if one disappeared from that lot, people had escaped before. They have also been caught and the result of that was harsh enough to stop the rest to follow suit and run off. That’s why I had to be really careful because If I get caught I'd end nowhere other than my death bed.

I had never imagined myself to end up in this place. Such a confined place; Trapped, helpless, with abuses being hurtled at you from all sides. But it's not like we had an option. Of course I had to gather up a whole lot of courage to take this step, just to think of the word 'escape'.

I waited for what seemed like hours. And when I dared to get up and creep outside I could see the first light of dawn. So I looked around; left, right and then left again, as if I was crossing the road. Only my eyes crept all around the vast expanse of sea and land. I could smell the sea and see it too. I could even make out the guards that patrolled the borders, with guns. I walked slowly and hid in the thick mangrove bushes. I decided to walk through them, they were the only think that would lead me to freedom, obscured.  I made my way slowly, the mangrove ranches tickling and bruising me where they were dense. 

As I was managing a rather bossy bush I stepped into the water with a splash, some pointy thing penetrating my calf flesh. I shut my eyes and bit my lip to stay shut. I could hear the nearest guard.

'hey matt! Heard something?' he asked.

'your ears are ringing!' I heard matt reply 'they won't dare leave this place. They know the consequences for trying'

True that. But nevertheless I was going to try. Even if I found death on the other end. I had to try, I was determined. The pain was intense so I sat there quietly hidden behind mangroves. I had a deep cut in my lower leg and it was bleeding a lot. When I stood after a few minutes my legs wobbled but I had to go on. So I started moving again this time more quietly. after some time I can see the barbed wires that go all around this place.  As soon as I am out of sight from the guards I make a run for the boundary fence. Forgetting that my leg is hurting and bleeding I reach it and somehow get under it to get to the other side.

Unbelievable. That’s how I feel, I look ahead of me and I see land, not land being guarded. I see freedom. But I can still be caught. The thought pricks me like a needle. And I start running again. Darting and panting around trees and bushes, I run without looking back.

'I am never looking back' I tell myself.

After sometime I stop, looking around I can't even see the dreadful place. I can't even smell the sea. I melt down on the grass against a tree. I have to rest and tend to my wound. I scrape the blood with a leave and then cover the wound with wet mud, making a plaster. Tired by all the running and not being able to sleep the whole night I lie down near the bush and before I know it sleep has enveloped me.

I wake up with the sun on my face! And it makes me happy. Since being trapped in that place we had no sun, no light except those huge yellow lamps they  had. Anyways, at first I couldn’t remember where I was. But then it hit me. I was free!!! I had managed to escape. Te though made me even happier. Now that I looked around I could see the green and suddenly I wanted to run. So I did. I ran, if there were people there they might have thought I was crazy, but I ran because I was happy. I walked all afternoon unaware of my injury or my rumbling stomach, and I ended up at a lake.

The water looked so nice and inviting. I had escaped. I didn’t want to look back. And what better way was there than to shed it all. shed my past , with that though I jumped into the water. Because when I got out I was a new me. With a new life.


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