Tuesday, 29 November 2011

because I love you.

Has there ever been a new addition in you life, such that you decide to edit your future plans. some one who doesnt even realize that you are doing this for them. someone whom you love alot, with out bounds. some one so tiny, so awesome, so cute that you just want to cuddle them and keep them right next to you for your whole life no matter what happens.
1st january 2008 changed my life. i didnt even realize it till later how much the presence meant to me. no, it was not some guy i fell in love with and decided to give up my whole future and chase him. no, it was my baby sister. when i first held her i just felt like holding a doll, what she'd become for me? i didnt know. she was not the first sister i ever got i actually have three to cope with apart from her. later as she grew older she became such an influential part of me. even at her two or three years of age we were close like bestfriends. the cute little cuddly thing loves me and I love her.
How i can develop a perfect, understandable bond is even beyond me, I come to no conclusion except the fact that it's love.
And this bond is what got me thinking and made me change many of my plans just so I dont risk this incredible bond I have with my almost-four-year old sister. I totally stumped my plans of going abord because I wouldnt get to see her daily, doing something new. I listed it out. I want to be with her every minute. sometimes i just want to wake her up and ask her how much she loves me. but then I find myself saying
'she is a kid, for goodness sake, she cant answer this'
my friends accuse me of being overly protective and maternal towards her but what can I say? It's just an obsession with loving her. I just pray that she has everything in life that she wishes for and this bond that we have will last forever.
I never did got the love thing, but know it seems to make sense a little. I wish I could just make her understand what she is to me, my dear little almost-four angel, hadia.



  1. This was so incredibly sweet!! <3

  2. aaaWWWWwwwww!!! :'( its making me cry

  3. this just made me realize how important she is to me.beautifully written.

  4. incrediblyy lovely......