Tuesday, 22 November 2011

bitter sweet

'Aaaaaaaaaaaaah',I shrieked to my best friend who is also my cousin, but not loudly since there were a dozen other girls sprawled on mattresses all around us getting their beauty sleep.  Don’t get me wrong we aren’t in some boarding school! In fact nothing as cool as that just a grand family vacation, with all cousins and aunts and uncles… you get the picture?
so anyways whenever we have this grand vacation all the girls get to sleep in one room and all the boys in another, that is IF we sleep at all, which we do after talking till three in the morning and then struggling to bed.
'What????' Mel, short for Melanie, whispered back at me where we lay together talking even after four in the morning.
'I left my cell phone in the guys' room!!! And Jen must be texting, she will kill me. And if she calls and somebody picked up!' I was freaked out seriously. Our guy-cousins were annoying, a lot. And what they'd do if they find my cell phone and read my texts of how me and Jen drool over a certain football player, they won't let go of any chance to embarrass me. I could die just thinking about it. And I am not exaggerating.
'OMG! You have to get it back!' she said looking horrified.
'Yes, I am going, but just don’t sleep' I warned her as I got up quietly. i brushed the crumbs of cookies that we had been eating, off my shirt and trouser.
'I won't' she promised solemnly 'good luck' she said gazing at me intently as I sneaked past all the sleepy kittens and closed the door behind me.
Mel was my best friend, for one we had always been inseparable even though we were in different schools and all. Plus we were the same age and had same problem. We loved each other if it hadn’t been of her being a pretty red head and me being a brunette we would have been twins.

Anyway so there I was standing in infront of the door in which the guys slept, hesitating as if I were on some crazy James Bond (007) mission. Only I was not. So I took a deep breath and entered the door. The guys were sprawled, literally, like animals. Even animal wouldn’t have slept like this. I looked around it was like a maze. There is no way I could make it to the other side before stepping on someone's hand or foot or even face.  I could see my mobile resting on the floor cushions in the corner. it's light was blinking, Jen was obviously texting me wondering where on earth I have left the phone that never leaves my hand, except for my pocket.
With my back against the wall I carefully passed all the obstacles; hands and necks and all. I had fifteen unread. Oh my god, I was dead. I thanked god and started for the door only to see Steven, my first cousin, sleeping with an open mouth in such an epic pose that I couldn’t help laughing. I was laughing so hard that I stumbled on someone's leg and fell on the mattress right in the middle of all the sleeping guys.
I kept my eyes close waiting for them to start shouting and all, how awkward would it be if I got caught. Only I didn’t hear a word. So I slowly opened my eyes only to see Emmet sleeping next to me. Thank goodness he hadn’t woken up. We would have started another fight, noting less. Emmet was Mel's brother. He was a year older than me, and we disagreed on EVERYTHING. That’s why we always fought. I hated him. And whenever we met an argument was predictable, which was extremely often since I was at Mel's place half the time. And Emmet, unfortunately enough, also lived there. but he looked quite innocent while sleeping, i admitted grudgingly to my self and thanking god over and over I started to get up only someone caught my hand and pulled me back. That someone turned out to be Emmet. He stared at me; I could feel it even in the dark.
'What are you doing here?' he asked curiously.
'Why do you care?' I started to leave.
'Hmm…I wonder what everyone will say about you sneaking in to this room. Shouldn’t you be in the girls room, sleeping?' he asked tightening his grip on my wrist.
'Don’t boss me! And you'd better keep your mouth shut because I was only here to get my cell phone' I said waving my cell phone in his face.
'Oh, so it was yours' I could hear a smile in his voice.
'How dare you get into my mobile' I snarled at him, I was getting annoyed plus his grip on my wrist was starting to hurt.
'It's just the way I am. You know, loathsome' he sighed 'anyways, I don’t really like this football star you guys keep talking about'
I pulled at my wrist ' leave me, and it's none of your business, stop poking your nose everywhere'
'You don’t get it do you? It is my business when you keep thinking about someone else' that threw me. Way far, to Iran maybe.
'What?' I asked dumb founded the pain in my wrist forgotten.
'Never mind, go to bed' he sighed disappointedly and turned leaving my wrist. It hurt as the blood started pumping in my fingers again.
Still shocked I went back to the girls' room. Mel's expression was one of great relief when she saw me. I told her what happened and she just smiled and kept smiling. When I asked her what was funny she just squeezed my hand and said,
'Don’t you get it silly? He loves you.'


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