Monday, 28 November 2011

A silent crush

It has been days since she saw him. She jokes about it, but in reality she looks out for him. Wonders why he isn't coming to school. And then sighs out of irritation. It's fondness!  Of course he doesn’t know… well maybe he does. But she doesn’t want him to know.

'It's just a joke', she tells her friends, and more so to herself.

She keeps an eye out for him. She doesn’t know herself where this stupid crush is taking her. It isn’t even a crush! She reminds herself, just something she likes.

'But that’s what a crush is silly!' her friends tell her.

Like she cared. She does. But she wouldn’t want anyone to know. She didn’t want to humiliate herself; the secret kept to her would be as fine.

She remembers how it all came out.  When she told her friends how well he was at basketball and how she loved the way his hair shined. Her friends teased her and it was fine of course. It's just a thing friends do; she teased her friends the same way.  She lightheartedly obsessed over him too.  It was all a nice, easy going joke.

But why did she seem to look out for him now and then, it was beyond her.  But hey, it was all laughs right. She hoped so.


  1. i've forgotten pualo coelho alredy :)

  2. OMG!! you are comparing me to pualo coelho!!! i absolutely love you and thankyou!

  3. The girl does not have a crush on the guy actually. This happens when u're in high school :P

  4. it's more than crush... thats what i am conveying here.