Tuesday, 15 November 2011

For who *I* am

Too close yet too far. You never realize its importance unless it's kept away from you. It not useless, you know that. It close to you and its significance is great but it can be gone. In a flash. And then you'll be gone of it, it wouldn’t be coming back, not even anything close to it. And then it will all be left in shatters of pain and memories, at least you have those with you, you think. But seriously, for how long? How many of it can you keep for yourself and yet guarantee it won't be washed away by new ones. Sure it will be still there, you'll even feel its presence, when someone calls on a memory it will ring a bell. And then you'll strain your mind knowing it happened, you knew it, it was right there up in your head!!! It would be drastic, as it'll bring back the pain; modified this time. Yet going through all that pain, there'll be a time when you'll remember the time gazing at a photograph and smile; at least you and the chance to have it so close to your heart, to experience it.  It won't be like you are over it but rather it'd be the fact that you have learned to live with the fact that it's gone, it's aim in the world achieved. Because you know, nobody comes or goes from the world without an aim. Not even a looser. Because if that'd be it there would be only a handful of people remembered.  So keep in mind that it's not important to do one great thing. I'd rather do random and small good things for many people. It may not make be a big person in this life but I'll know that people will remember that I did a good deed from them. They may smile thinking of me, they may say a prayer for me… and I'll be happy as I am whether a looser but I am a winner and a hero in the hearts of those close to me.  I don’t want people who fake around me. Instead I'll wish for a few good friends who are true to me. Who remember me for me!


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