Thursday, 19 April 2012

showers from heavens.

Rain. It's incredible. I love rain and everything about it; the wonderful smell of it when it hits the ground, the tingly feeling when it hits your skin, the light breeze that seems to throw it from so many different angles.  Some days I stand in the rain and just feel it, letting it douse me, letting the wind ruffle around creating an aura of distinct happy bubble around me. It makes me feel cleansed, exotic; close to nature… frankly I don’t even have the words to explain. There's nothing quite like rain either. Imagine standing in the rain in the summers, at night, you can hear it beat down all around you, you can smell the exquisite smell of it, you can feel it, the freshness of it. You can hear the faint sounds of the kids splashing around in it and your mother calling you inside angrily with a towel and warm tea in her hands but along with all that you can sense the serenity and silence the rain leaves. May it be a light drizzle, a heavy downpour or just a normal shower there's always something different. Can't you picture sitting in your car with windows all fogged up and those raindrops making the most beautiful sounds? Envision walking around on wet grass while it rains, isn’t it the most refreshing? Like waking up after a perfect sleep, not drowsy or complaining. Picture all those beautiful moments enjoyed in the rain; a cup of hot cocoa while feeling the rain spray on your face, jumping in water puddles and laughing loudly not caring what people think, watching the cars go by just a splash of color, the blurred lights, being late for an occasion because of the rain. Beautiful, whether spent alone or with company. Ah yes I know what you'd be wondering! How can I forget waiting desperately for the sun to come out after the rain so you can see the rainbow? So simple yet amazing, ever considered how much happiness it brings to see those colours in the cloudless blue sky. 


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