Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The game of fate!

the following piece is inspired by the 'the red thread of fate' theory. Thank you 'U' for sharing it, this ones for you.

She laughs loudly sitting in a circle of friends as she sweeps her hair out of her eyes with both hands, like a child would; her eyes are partially closed from the effort of laughing hard and her nose crinkled.  Whilst he sits at his home in front of the ever inescapable play station despite of his age, his hair is uncut and he doesn't care about half what going around. They sit miles apart at the moment yet they are destined to spend the rest of their lives together. For most she'd be passed as an average looking girl but for him then she'd become an enchanting sight; he would crave to look at, her laugh for him would become a brilliant melody  so captivating he'd follow it forever. And for her, for her his presence would be of enough wealth that she could ignore every other need or desire, for he'll become her strength. The red thread has been knotted to each of their little fingers. It may stretch, tangle or loosen but it would never break or come off. It will sustain till they find their destiny, till they find each other. Let the show of fate begin.



  1. this is so relate-able :')

  2. How are you Momina I have seen your blog in US Mag. Nice to meet you.
    Best Regards;ZAFAR.

  3. wow! certainly beautiful.