Thursday, 12 April 2012

Of LOL-ness, High-ness & Lame-ness

Me and U talking about all the random crazy things we want to do!

U: live a good pious life and then do all this stuff in heavens.
Me: or do this all now and rot in hell.
Me: what…? We can't sit around eating grapes!
U: so you'd rather burn in hell over and over again?
Me: no! I'd rather sit around eating grapes. But I don’t like grapes  so I'd prefer mangoes and strawberries!
U: you get all those in heavens too
Me: yeah…
Me: right now math is driving me mad!
W: and economics is cycling me coconuts!
Me: don't mind me. I have taken the leave of my senses. While you take the leave of the chatness
chatness reminds me of chaat. You know chana chat fruit chat
I hate fruit chaat!

Me: comeback. Lets run to the moon lets smile like the stars and stay in the vacuum
cuz there we can jump and still stay in mid air!
A: yes I like black dresses too
Me: i want to wear red clothes while parading while everyone else wears black
ME: .
M: I know right!
Me: indeed! And did you see the dinosaurs?
M: haan!
Me: gosh I love time machines!
M: yaar wo tou sex hai <3 , mera fav tou iron man hai!
Me: no! Barbie fairy topia mermadia! \m/
M: haven’t you seen the inception wala avatar?
M:  it's too much love yaar! Ab mainay usay dekha tou pigs k cubs ki bearish honay lagi! I felt Barbie from hell!
Me: I know right! Friggin' weird!
M: kasmaaay
Me:  I my, red and blue
M: cockroach and bull?
Me: i shall get the wings! i shall have my chance to fly!i will, i will
M: but what about sting on my lap to kiss
Me: dude, you feel as if they'd never foget! But they do and you regret it!
M: haan waisay!
Me: i knows. Catch the colors. HURRY! You lost them silly!

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