Sunday, 15 April 2012


I bought a new toothbrush, it's orange and white and it has a bit yellow on its bristles. It's pretty.  I have also been wearing a yellow necklace for a regular three days now, it's not extraordinary just simple. It has a sequence in its beading two small ones follow a long one then two small ones again. I like it, I like the way the long ones catch the light and show rainbow hues on them. I am wearing it on my bun now. It's funny how I am attracted to the color yellow whereas when I was a kid I used to detest it. It would get dirty soon and it felt too bright. But I like it now, it's vividness. I look out for it now, I want it now. It seems we need the brightness in dull days right now. I got a bright yellow bag almost a year back, our car is yellow and the only shampoo that suits my hair is yellow; it used to be the jhonsons baby shampoo now it's the yellow Sunsilk. Nothing else suits my hair. It's not my favorite color, that’s blue, but yellow seems to lighten up every place, attracts attention, and puts a smile on your face; that’s why smileys are yellow. At times I wonder why people don’t use yellow make up that often. A yellow lipstick would sure make everybody laugh out loud. There are so many shades to the other colors! Jade, dark, grass, parrot etc to green. Royal, sky, navy, baby etc to blue. Blood, rose, dark , wine to read. But to yellow there is none. No fussing over a specific shade, just yellow. I wanted to get a wall in my room painted yellow but my mum denied it. But nothing brightens up a room like yellow. Nothing lightens up a mood like yellow, such a happy color! 



  1. ayiii oyeee.Topi aur haar.......Mona banni GULZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR xD

  2. yellow is the color of sadness. ..

    1. I very very very strongly disagree!