Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A piece of me

I was never much of a writer as a kid; I was more of a reader, a dreamer and a thinker. And my passion for writing started unexpectedly, and it started with poetry. As it happened a couple of years back, I was on bed rest for three months due to a foolish mistake that caused me to fall fifteen feet and break my back. Those were weird days for me, I hated sleeping.  The lying in the bed all day long just made me frustrated and vulnerable. So, once I couldn't sleep and I remember cursing myself and suddenly this idea popped into my mind. I remember weaving in words to the poem in my head and holding on to them till I fell asleep. The first thing I did when I got up was to write the poem down; it was deep and when I read it to others they appreciated me a lot. It was nothing like any of those cat-hat-mat rhyming poems that we've all written. Since then I started writing poetry, I realized that the real contentment is not in writing a poem that rhymes, but a piece of poetry that has no rhyming words and still goes in sync. I always found solace in writing thereafter.
Poetry became a strong attribute for me, and frankly I didn't vary in writing much, then. Almost two years back I started writing diverse pieces; rants narratives, prose and poetry. When I shared my pieces with my close friends, U urged me to start a blog. I was very extremely possessive about my writings and sharing it so openly was nowhere on my to-do list. The constant urging and appreciation enticed me into finally making the blog.
The blog was another story, at first it’s all about sharing, making your passion known; your own little space. And then, somewhere in the middle it changes into the hunger for appreciation for your work; comments and views that you look forward to. At last, you get to the part where it doesn't matter and you do it just because you love to; you love to write, and read and the comments don’t matter because the satisfaction is in writing. And then before you know it it’s a year gone by; you have discovered yourself a little more, you've gone from better to much better and you've met and read these fantastic people. And so, here is where I stand. One year already and the attachment grows stronger each day, because in the end it’s not just a blog it’s a piece of you!
Happy first birthday Blog! :’)



    nd congrats!

  2. Yay!
    I broke my leg last year @ my boarding school so I know how it feels to be bedridden!
    LOL,cat-mat-hat?I think you forgot,pat,mad and fat!
    Yeah,I never knew I could write.I just made a diary or two and never realized I was good at it until I shared them.I came to CBS(Chand Bagh School) three years ago and I didn't knew I could write as well.But here,there are Inter-Houses and I was pushed to go forward and when I won the 1st Positions in the Junior English Declamation and Junior Essay Writing,I finally knew that I must have SOMETHING special in me! :D

    Put some light on HOW your friends managed to cajole you into making this blog and sharing yourself?
    Cuz I am still tentative to be 100% open in mine.

    1. Thank you Ahmad,there is something special in everyone.
      Thank you for the suggestion, I will surely consider it! :)

  3. Amazing again. And you have inspired me to have a blog, you know that. MashaAllah, you are a great writer and a thinker. Keep it coming and Happy birthday blog! :D

    1. Thank you Bilal! It's a pleasure to read your views! :)

  4. It's like one of the stories we hear that change one's life :)