Wednesday, 28 November 2012

You can't leave it blank...

You could try to move on.

I could, perhaps, but it isn't easy. I don’t know where to begin, what to change and what to pause.

Start from within, start from yourself.

Is the problem inside me?

No. Maybe.

It is isn't it. They let me go, they never held me back. It’s me whose been holding myself back there.

It’s okay, it happens.

No… it’s me. It’s like I am stuck in quicksand. Moving is impossible.

You can try.

Haven’t I done that, already? Tried. I am too stuck with these people. I know that if I love them I’ll let them go. But I do love them, and it’s obvious that I've let them go, but I can’t accept that.

You have to; you have to acclimate to it.


Because if you won’t, you’ll destroy yourself; you’ll hurt your own self.

Perhaps that’s what supposed to happen.

No, then you’ll wrong the people who believe in you. Wrong the people who you love and those who love you.

Can’t I just start all over?

That’s what you have to do, start all over. Let them go, it’s a new beginning. It’s yours to write.

What if I leave it blank?

You won’t. You know yourself better than others, you know you never miss a chance. You are to help other people, cheer them, and be there for them. And some of them will be there for you, always and you won’t regret it. Even for its setbacks.

You think so? Will I be able to do that?

I know so, you've already done that. Once, it’s time to do it again. To let those in, who want to love you, who will love you.

Perhaps. And you…


Thank you, I love you.

And I, you.



  1. Sometimes it is really good to just sit down and have a chat with yourself. You can discover a lot, and I'm sure that you can move on if you try. Even if you don't try, it happens eventually.

    1. Of course, it has to happen sooner or later! Thank you Mark, you are very kind.

  2. When it all goes bleek, our inner voices are the ones that raise us up to face the world again.

    Stay Strong you awesome writer <3

    1. Thank you so much, another very awesome writer! :D xx

  3. Beautiful it is. Love the way you write ;)

    1. Thanks a lot Joy. You always bring me joy! :)

  4. Its like I was listening to my own voice too. true, sometimes we can let it go, but its difficult to accept that. Having random chats with your ownself does help..

    1. It surely does. Thank you, hope to read your views again! :)

  5. splendid :-)

    could you put in the word here - "To let those in those want to love you"

  6. so true. you are such a good writer :-)

    1. Thank you Raajii, hope you'll come back to drop in your views next time, too!