Thursday, 11 April 2013

More Love

Hello everyone,

So these have been due for quite a while now, my apologies! Thank you so so much Aqsa and Mani Khaan for tagging me for the 'Liebster award'.

Thank you, Mani. :Dxx

Thank you, Aqsa :Dxx

My utter gratitude to both of me, honestly, your appreciation means a lot and I can't thank you enough for reading and liking my pieces to this extent.

So, I this time, however, I am going to skip the 'facts'.

These are the answers to your questions, Aqsa:

1. Are you an introverted or extroverted person?
I am an introvert who is friends with the most extrovert people.

2.One thing in life that means the most to you?
Definitely my sister.

3. You are woken from deep sleep at 3 in the morning! What will be the first words out of your mouth?
A very incoherent 'What?'.

4. Who do you trust and listen to more, the heart or the brain?
Actually, it's all the brain, I think. So I am not sure.

5. Your passion?
My skills, my ability to write.

6. Your zodiac sign? Do you posses the traits defining your zodiac?
Taurus! I guess I do, most of them, anyway.

7. It is said: 'Don't ask what the meaning of life is, you define it!', so what's you definition of life?
The prospect of life is too complex and vast and it keeps changing daily. I think life is about befriending strangers, trying to love the people you hate, holding on to the people you love. It's about discovering the unseen and feeling. It's about inspiring and being inspired.

8. One word that defines you?
"Wallflower", said Urbah.

  9. There is someone saying bad things about you!...Will you prefer confronting that someone or silently walking away?

I prefer silently walking away, but I am extremely lucky to have friends who'll take me along and confront that person. Thank you, you all! :')

10. Are you a realistic person or do fairy tales mean more to you?
I am a realistic person, fairy tales are stories woven out of dreams, I prefer to only take lessons from them.

These are the questions by Mani Khanna:

1.Most embarrassing moment?
I think my most embarrassing moment would be declaring the most embarrassing moment on the blog.

2. Two wishes.
I wish to own a typewriter someday and I wish people could notice the joy in little things.

3. Dream Job?
As stupid as it may sound, I honestly have no dream job, I don't really plan.

4. Name one person that comes in your mind,
Love: My little sister.
Hate: Nothing really except maybe Chemistry.
Best: My family and friends.
Blog: That pops up several images and names.
Adviser: Parents.

5. Describe me in one word.

6. One person you wanted to meet, dead or alive?
That list is very long.

7. Friendship is?
Friendship is when you love people for who they are, when you can approach them, point out their wrongs, level arguments. When you love them and hate them, and are at peace with them.

8. A girl and a boy can be friends, justify with a reason.
Of course they can, friendship is regardless of gender. Society condemns a lot that isn't wrong, they just need to complicate things, hence, they make their own rules.

9. Best moment till date?
1st January 2008, the day my baby-sister was born.

10. One thing you are afraid of?

11. One thing you don't like to share with people?
Anything at all. I am very personal.

Thank you, once again and lots of love.



  1. Surprises surprises! Well look at you girl, you are on a roll. How many do you have already piling high?
    You do love you sister a lot. So cute! God bless!

    1. Thank you so much, Joy.
      Yes, I have gathered quite a few, so grateful! :')

  2. Great to know more about you, and ya, I hated Chemistry too :-P

    1. It's worth the hate. :3
      Thank you.

  3. Congratulations Momina and those are some interesting answers. I would say you should always hold on to fairy tales though because most equate those with dreams. You need to be able to hope, to be able to achieve.

    1. Thank you, Mark.
      I guess we do take the hope, but we shouldn't start living there.

  4. Congratulations, Mo. :D
    Treat at the other end, babes! ;) :P

    1. Of course, Hira! Thank you! :Dxx

  5. You are welcome! :)
    and thanks for doing the post!
    I'm loving your answers....and ya I know you have the most extroverted friends on the planet! :))

    1. Thank you for the award!
      Glad you liked them!
      Hahaha, you would know! :D

  6. You have elegant answers. :)
    And what is it about us introverts that attracts all the extroverts? Or is it the other way round?

    1. Thank you, Ghadeer!
      I don't know. I guess there is some unseen charm. I always end up with a bunch of complete idiots that I dearly love. I guess it's a natures way of giving and out view to the introverts or something.