Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Out of Ordinary

For H, because you are extraordinary and so is this friendship.

The first time I saw her she was seething, and quite honestly I was taken aback a little. A young lady shouldn't be this angry, she should swallow down her anger and speak politely; so was what my mother said, but this girl right here was all that she didnt said, for she shouted at top volume and proceeded to snatch the chocolate out of her friends hand...
The next I saw her was very different though, she was sitting in the library with books around her, confused with her head in her hands and her forehead wrinkled. Eye-brows furrowed as she jabbed the buttons on her calculator whilst I twitched in agony of what the buttons might have felt, she consulted the papers in front of her and frowned again, near to crying…
I sneaked a look at her from the corner of my eye; she was bent over her notebook scribbling furiously. She suddenly looked up at the board and looked down again before her eyes suddenly sparkled as her hand shot up. She spoke a confident ‘I am done’ and then gathered her stuff before disappearing outside. I sulked at my own paper.
I heard a loud laugh and I turned to look, I wasn’t expecting it to be her but it was. She laughed loud and bold; eyes clenched shut and mouth open wide, struggling for breath. Several minutes later I overheard her conversing with her friend. She spoke deeply as she represented her case; she recalled who might have been hurt by something she did or said.
There she was, different and distinct in her very own way; hard over the top and soft inside. She had taught me lessons I have failed to recognize, she has shown me the world through a different set of eyes. She might not be what she looks like, but get to know her and you’ll realize. It’s where the beauty lies.  



  1. What A Precise Description For The Person You Fell In Love With.

    1. Thank you Daniyal, I do love her for our great friendship!

  2. You have some H in your life???
    I have one in my thoughts, not in my life :P
    The difference. Sighs

    About the post,
    Excellently penned as always. Perfect description, I could actually imagine her personality in my mind.

    1. Huneza, is yes a very very close friend! And she's got a very different personality and very deep thoughts that don't come out easy. I am glad you like the story!