Sunday, 2 September 2012

Roadside treats

We all travel an aimless, useless journey. It’s nothing till we move on and realize, and it’s then, that it becomes meaningful. Striving us towards a purpose and strengthening it as we move on. The result always tempting us to move further, one step faster, one jump closer. We are fragments of nothing until there comes a reason of achievement.  We are just travelers of a barren road attracted by the occasional treats to feed our purpose.
But one often embarks on a journey with a mind set so adamantly on a subject that we forget most of the journey. We forget to enjoy the path. There’s always the leaping forward and grabbing the prize; what comes to you on that way is of not of a mere importance. And in those moments of lust for the prize and the fire of winning we very often lose. Not the race but to the reality; to the acceptance that, that which came to us on the way was far more important, more infinite than the end prize itself only then you’ve lost it and seldom does it comes back.



  1. I like the way you put it. Your reference to distractions and attractions as treats, too.

  2. True!
    Ever read a page I wrote with the name JOURNEY??
    I won't be saying again and again that we share similar thoughts! :D

  3. So much truth in this!

    Plus, I'm really liking the yellow bokeh theme you have going on in here. ;)

    1. Thank you and thank you!
      I like it too! :D