Friday, 20 July 2012

Crazy Ramblings #3

I have had the pleasure of having a couple of brilliant friend, each unique in a distinct way and some exceptional than the rest (and I am not even being modest). They have been there and always there for me, for quite some time now, so much that I seem to have forgotten how to make friends. I guess it comes naturally but I have been having this craving to let someone to know me; someone who knows who I am but doesn’t know me. I restraint myself to a certain level of frankness but this time I am willing to surpass the barriers. I don’t know why. I don’t know how. I want someone to come up to me and tell me they want to know me. Again, I am not sure why.  I know it's useless since it will be up to me to open up to them and that is a very difficult task, for me at least. It's not that I am not at ease with my friends, I am, but I have this weird craving to know someone better. I am probably crazy. I know I am.



  1. Why is that so that we have a lot in common??!!!
    I mean really!!!

    1. I felt the same thing while going through your blog!
      I wonder why is that, I have always heard: 'two people can never be alike' :P

    2. LOL!Me too! I relate to almost all of your posts :D Difference is you are excellent with words and your posts are just perfect!

      Reading this post of yours reminded of me what I faced a couple of months back. One of my friends (so called) actually gave me such a shattering experience that I have not been out of depression since.

      I am very reserve and though I may know many people, they confine their secrets with me yet seldom anyone gets to know me and the fact that a college friend can turn against my existence straight after coming into the University (that too after my help) and carries on ruining my image and reputation for no reason, this all is too much to bear. And I face it everyday! And through this I have been really blessed to have a few bestest friends who have been helping me to get up! To forget this all.

      But still, even though I have them, what I feel currently is to be understood, to get ears who listen and may be a heart that sees what I feel without me telling everything since feelings are hard to put into words.

      All of this and much more. So, when I read this post it was like my thoughts put into words, something I have been trying to understand and realize for long. Thank you for writing such a post :)

    3. OH MY GOD. We can not be anymore similar, I swear.
      -I usually keep to myself.
      -I people confide in me with their secrets, too.
      -Only a few really know me as, well, 'me'.

      This is a complete coincidence, I myself had been going through a few problems with my friends which I wouldn't talk about here!!! :P
      But you know have a little faith, these kinds of troubles only make us stronger and eventually you will find great, honest friends around you. I know because I did.

      You are equally good with words! I love reading your blog! And if you are looking for a friend I am here! :) And honestly I wouldn't lose a person so much like me, so lets be buddies (I hope this is not out of the blue frankness) mail me on :D

    4. Really???
      I have never met anyone who has this much common! God! :D
      Great! :D

      Yes, I did. When some of my friends realized the situation without me telling them, since then they've always been there. Although we can not be together in classes and lectures, sharing different fields of interest, they're there. And even just knowing that, I am pleased.

      I'll be mailing you then :)

    5. It's just the fact that they understand! We have now come to the stage where we'll split due to our different fields too, but I just know it wouldn't change anything much!

      I'll look forward to your mail! :D

  2. this happens to everyone. me too =) i've been through these things so much that gradually i've grown tired of it. so i simply stay normal with everyone. no best friends for me anymore just socializing and being with the people who match my interest. and it works fine for me. gone are the days when i actually cried over these things. now they just dont matter =)
    but you are not crazy. each person is crazy in their own way =) i know i am too

    1. I am glad I share my craziness! :P
      Thank you for your kind words! You will eventually find great friends I am sure, life doesn't disappoints you over and over again. And it's even better that you have yourself come to terms with it!

    2. i don't need great friends I assure you..=) its easier this way. no expectations no heartbreaks no betrayels =)

    3. You are right actually, expectations are the foremost thing that break us apart!