Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Just The Dark Silhouettes To Illuminate Her Path

What happens when you walk in the middle of a bare road, past midnight?

Nothing, nothing at all.

She walks in the middle of the barren street, illuminated by the street lights at uneven gaps. She walks freely amidst the dark stretches, and then cowers when the unbroken light bulbs continue to illuminate her path. There’s nothing around except the silhouette of overhanging trees and houses suspended in seemingly peaceful silence. To her, though, it’s haunting. The silence, the lights; it makes fear claw at her spine, raising the hair on her neck and bare arms; the fear of being visible in a setting so vulnerable, the fear of an incoming car; the dread that so often stops her in her tracks and shift her head from side to side to evade the feeling of being looked at. Fear haunts her but it keeps her walking, through the unlit and lit patches, through the eerie surroundings and through the distress that doesn't show.

What happens when the lights of an incoming car suddenly, harshly, enters your vision.

Everything unexpected happens, all at once.

Her illuminated form doesn’t pause in its track, but fear leaves, slipping past the hold of her mind so quickly, replaced by something else. It wraps it’s tendrils around her, wounding around her legs and moving them forward so she doesn’t stands still. Escape. It pushes her forward, towards the car. Her life doesn’t flashes before her eyes. There is nothing besides the bright lights blurring as they come nearer and nearer. Her feet pick up pace and she grins in the face of freedom.

Nobody clutches her soiled body soaked in blood. Nothing stops, not the silence nor the night. She lies there frozen, dark shadows hugging her form, a fire burning in her lifeless eyes.



  1. I am loving the lay out of your blog!!!
    If it is that you tried to explain, how life is like wandering in a deserted place with a million fears and it ends at its own will, not when we are in pain and we want the most to set our soul free...
    Beautiful :)

  2. You capture it most beautifully.
    Your words speak louder than their essence, the way you capture them.


  3. Hauntingly beautiful writing!!! At one point I wanted to pull the girl away from the oncoming light.

  4. I'd still love to walk on barren streets illuminated by yellow lights.

  5. Awesome piece of composition and thought

    Beautifully written
    Your way of expression Is wonderful

  6. very haunting but a very nice read

  7. That world - this cruel world.

    I want to weep.

  8. You write beautifully :)
    Looking forward to more

  9. Raw and brutally honest writing coupled with such vivid imagery. I remember the first ever short story I wrote - it was along similar lines. I hope that, in your case, it was more of a creative outpour than an emotional one.

    Hope you feel better. And keep writing! :)