Tuesday, 15 April 2014

As I stand on your doorstep, tattered and bruised.

I stand on your door step,
Tattered and bruised.
You get one glimpse
And hold me close.
You shoulder digging into
My collarbone;
So painfully comforting
Of your presence once more.
I won't let go,
I hold on tight.
I sit before you
With tales not scarce.
Words are to be summoned
For a sermon too long.
You wait patiently
As I stare straight ahead.
My eyes water,
But words don't abide.
But I won't let go,
So I hold on tight.
They roll of my tongue
Syllables and sounds.
Incoherent and imprecise
To sum up my wounds.
I narrate to you,
The struggle that begins
Each day as the world shifts
Slightly around.
From a single view,
So safe and sound
But the war I fight
Just doesn't subside.
I don't let go,
And I hold on tight
As I narrate to you,
Stories I found.
The tears come,
Between restless sighs.
You reach over and whisper
'Don't let go,
Hold on tight.'



  1. Awww.... this one gave me goosebumps..... <3

  2. You amaze me woman. You can't do this with every post of yours. You have no idea how much I envy you. Damn, I so wish I was like you :)

  3. Speechless ... you have an amazing control over words :-)

  4. its wierd how the perception of words shift from person to person.
    Urbah is pne lucky woman! never wrote something THAT perfect for me.not ever!
    p.s.i read it twice.again.

  5. Ah, the comfort that comes from that - beautifully done :-)

  6. Ever have an ache that's sweet?
    This poems that.

  7. We all are holding on to something, aren't we?

  8. I for one am the kind of person who turns cold rather than cry on someone's shoulders. But this poem portrays a dream where we are not alone and there's someone to wipe our tears away. You are so good at moving people with the flow of your writing and then making them live your words. Well done dear!

  9. I like your writings. You have such a way of painting pictures with your words.
    Elegant mashaAllah.

  10. Someone holding you back is the biggest comfort one craves for but seldom gets...
    Beautiful !

  11. An instant and absolute favourite. The rhythm is perfect and kept me hooked till the end. Simple and yet, pouring forth oceans of emotions. Loved this! :D