Saturday, 17 December 2011


Blankness. It’s bizarre, suffocating, blinding, annoying, unavoidable yet healthy now and then. Weird, I know. But I have a theory; it’s happens when your brain is so full you can barely contain anything, that’s when you get it, a block. A mind block. I guess it’s only to relieve a bit of a burden. Only it clashes rather brutally with another of my theory; you keep thinking no matter what, even if you’d be avoiding something you are somehow thinking about stuff to jam it out.  So here’s where I am stuck but I guess eventually I’ll figure it out too, as, I’d been thinking about it. Anyhow, mind blocks are weird especially when you really need to think of some stuff, like during an exam (something that recently happened to me, for the very first time). You are helpless, it happens with everyone; writers, artists, normal people. The sad thing is you can’t do much about it (especially during the exam, and all you want to do is cry). 

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