Sunday, 18 December 2011

the patience and the shame.

He had them three alike
Through the time, he still managed to smile
He wasn’t full of loath just then
But suppressing it had it unfasten.
He held back the insufferable disgust
Sure that people would mind, blight.
Until it was enough that he had,
He sneaked out quietly, determined to put an end
He killed the three and murdered his rage.
His patience returned soon replaced by shame.
- Momina Latif.

I have been reading a couple of articles on how people kill female infants that belong to them. it's so saddening how people do such things and half of them are literal people. it's wrong still it happens take a step to prevent it. daughters are precious, love them don't lose them.


  1. What a daughter feels about their dads, is what a son feels about his mom

  2. it's not how all people feel toward there mother or father. it's just my view on how many tend to kill their daughters on birth. it's about that cruelty. and people take the birth of sons as a matter of pride, you wont see many new on people killing their sons. i think all daughters love their fathers as dearly as sons love their mothers.