Sunday, 8 December 2013

Until then.

The sky… The sky is a perfect blue. The kind that compels you to hold your gaze there and stare at it until minutes pass .There is a dull golden moon, not half and not entirely a crescent, decorating the royal blue; partially lighting it up. The sky is still a little rusty at the edges; where the ends mingle with the lands and disappear behind buildings, all around. 

And between the tall buildings that surround the area, between the long shadows she stands silently staring above at the reality she shares with a million others. A thousand of who could be stranded alone gazing at this mutual reality, thinking this very thing. She’s holding on to that single thought or else she could sink under the weight that pushes her down. She could drown and she’s willing to but not yet. Not until that thread breaks off. Not until she really knows that there is nobody out there not going through the same troubles.



  1. There always is a someone out there going through the same troubles. But is that consolation enough?

  2. It does not matter whether someone out there has the same troubles or not because in the end the solution and the decision lies with the person themselves. Until she realizes, nothing happens.

    That's it for the lecture and now comes the part where I swoon over the delicately intrinsic way you come up with a tale that is so real even for those who haven't experienced it.