Sunday, 7 October 2012


Love, what is it, really?
A simple emotion to show that you care and understand, or a complex mode, that envelops you inside itself, making it unmanageable to disentangle?
Love, they say you never plan of falling for it, it just happens. Like meant-to-be’s. Like miracles? 
Love, they say it gives you infinite happiness. Just like taking you over the moon and your frequent visits to cloud nine. Or the feeling when your feet don’t stay on the ground.
I think I know love. I think I understand. Why wouldn't I?
I have seen it happen, I have felt it. I know the gusto of it, I know it’s craze.
It’s blissful. It’s petty.
It’s ecstatic. It’s contagious. 
It’s the serenity of living in a dream. It’s the beauty of being awake in that very dream.
It’s the dream of reality.
Why wouldn't I know love? Why wouldn't I feel it? It’s there around me. It’s not a lover’s kiss for me; it’s my sister’s peck, my friends’ smiles. The laughter and love in all those eyes that are around me. The sparkle and the sheen. I know love and that’s love.
It’s the afterglow that sustains, forever.



  1. Needless to say, I 'LOVE' this! :D x

  2. I love this post- it's sooo true.
    You see, love does not always have to have a romantic angle to it. There is probably only ever going to be ONE person who you will love in a romantic way; but we often forget about the countless number of not just people, but things as well, that we come across in our life and that we may love without even expressing it to them. Our siblings, parents, relatives, friends, teachers, pets, books... the list can go on forever. Nowadays people's minds are so corrupt with 'kachra' thoughts that whenever they read the word 'love' they always associate it with romance- and that's the sort of people who say that love does not exist in the world anymore, because they only ever look for romantic love in their life. They close their eyes and shut out all the other kinds of love that surrounds them in the form of friends, family and the objects around them.

    1. you spoke my mind. Those are all my views about love summed up so nicely into one paragraph!
      We are so selfish for that one romantic love that we are blinded by the other types surrounding us. The ones that are very often much more than romance.
      I pity this stereotype believe about love.

  3. love: it s just a word nha?
    what matters i guess is what this word implies ...

    1. And it's not always suppose to imply the 'romantic' sense of love. There.

  4. twinieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :D X