Sunday, 24 June 2012

So much for loving.

Me: Hadoo janu I love you alot!!!

Hadia: Monoo api you are hilalious! (hilarious)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Crumpled Fairy-tales

It's in the middle of the night, at times, that I get the urge to write, vent it all out. Everything. I am hopeless, I have been proved wrong over and over again by life and people. Everyone and everything is deceiving, lying has become 'trendy'. Was there really a time when people valued and kept there promises? It doesn't seems so, not in my case. I don't say much about myself to people, but there are times when I am talking and I let something slip, at the time it's all fine because it's finally out but then it bothers me, gnawing on my consciousness. I hope I'd stop caring about all those times when something spilled out but it's a very open world and secrets are as explosive as bombs. It's saddening how there is no room left for honesty or secrecy together. I loath change, it's followed me through life yet it fails to come by when I want it. It seems like all's changing around me; things and people all too fast and it pains me to see the change it makes me hopeless. It's an evil world where people don't admit their own words, a promise reminded of daily is crumpled after a new surprise, the old things lose their sheen and everything replaced.  There are no forever-s or never-s in life. We really just walk alone, nobody and nothing is reliable. Not even words it seems so, they tend to draft a fairy tale of their own.

Friday, 8 June 2012


She watches every sunrise with such passion, intrigued by the exquisiteness of it, taking in every single way it differs from the sunrise the day before. She prays as she watches the scarlet turning to amber, a streak of pink and gold. Who knows which of these sunrises would turn her life around and onto the route of contentment? She didn’t want to miss the advent of the day that would change her life.  And so she implored every first light, bidding the morning moon goodbye. It pained her to leave with the grief inside that maybe this day would be same as the last, but bless her for she still had hope for smiles.